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Leachate Treatment Plant Design

Good leachate treatment plant design is essential for any leachate management system which features on site leachate treatment is to be successful, and the leachate treatment plant itself cannot work successfully unless the leachate collection system is capable of delivering the leachate to it reliably in the flows needed to prevent the build-up of leachate within the landfill cells.
The ability of the leachate treatment plant to cope with variations in the flow and strength of the leachate is the first requirement to be considered when embarking on a leachate treatment plant design.This means that a high level of integration is needed between the leachate collection system design and the leachate treatment plant design.
Once the hydraulic requirements have been set for the leachate treatment plant design, it is then necessary for the leachate treatment plant designer to select the treatment process or processes that will be required to meet the discharge quality agreed with the local environmental regulator (e.g. EPA in the US, or EA in the UK).
All leachate treatment plant designs should include a consideration of how long the leachate treatment plant design will be needed before the leachate in the waste is no longer harmful when directly discharged to the environment around the landfill.
In many countries the leachate treatment plant design must be submitted to the local regulatory body for approval, before any construction work can start.

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Leachate Treatment Plant Design

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