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Leachate Recirculation Design

Leachate recirculation system design is highly specific to each landfill.
To carry out a leachate recirculation system design it is necessary to assess:
  • the flow rate you intend to pump at
  • the location(s) from which the leachate will be collected from the base of the landfill
  • the type of pumping system you will use
  • how the leachate will be distributed back into the waste once it has been pumped back up onto the top of the landfill cell

A check should also be done by a geotechnical soils engineer to ensure that the landfill slopes in the vicinity of a leachate recirculation system will remain stable as the waste may become saturated and/ or the leachate level within the waste may rise which in turn tend to reduce the stability of the waste.

Recirculation system design should also be checked that it will not reduce landfill gas production, although normally leachate recirculation tends to increase landfill gas production when done right.


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