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One Response to Leachate Landfill Groundwater

  1. Josee 07/29/2015 at 6:01 am #

    Enjoyed your comments. I find that in most countries retro-active clean-up of landfills and energy production can only be accomplished with a direct involvement and commitment of several levels of governments a la funding, and equally important, a very well defined go-forward policy for waste management, domestic, industrial and hazardous. I find that in most cases this is piecemeal and not well defined, not to mention lacking funding. In addition, there are many solutions being well marketed that are not proven and quite frankly not economic or worse, simply don’t work. This is an area where there needs to be more international cooperation in sharing technologies and public policy that DOES work , IS economic and REALLY addresses the waste management problems that are coming to a head today.

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