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This web maintained by Rogers Associates in support of our work in environmental consultancy, and water treatment.

through our Associates we have the capability (through our associate arrangements) to advise on all aspects of landfill leachate management, from leachate management option studies, to leachate treatment plant design, installation supervision and commissioning.

Our capabilities include:

  • Environmental consenting (previously known as Waste Permitting (including IPPC applications))
  • Best Available Techniques (BAT) assessments
  • Full process design, installation, tendering, project management, specification, tendering, contract administration, construction supervision, commissioning and operation, of leachate collection and treatment systems (through associate arrangements)
  • Commissioning of completed leachate treatment plants
  • Troubleshooting of process problems for existing biological leachate treatment plants
  • Advice on updating and refurbishing old leachate treatment facilities
  • Training of biological leachate treatment plant site operators.

Other landfill related web sites are:

  • The Leachate EU web site – a new content rich leachate processes web site, by a landfill leachate expert
  • The landfill CQA weblog
  • The Landfill Gas Web Site – for landfill gas information and technical developments
  • The Methane Stripping Web Site – for techniques for the removal of dissolved methane from leachate extracted from gassing landfills prior to sewer discharge
  • The Landfill ATEX and DSEAR Web Site.

Other landfill related web sites include:

Leachate information pages you may find interesting on other websites:

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